The Camino at Easter

Easter has traditionally been a time of the year when many pilgrims have taken the road and walked at least a part of the Camino. This year, however, and given the ongoing pandemic situation, we have received several inquiries about our policy during this time.

Although at the time of this writing no final decision has been taken yet (the key date is March 10th, during the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council in Spain), all signs point towards keeping the currently existing restrictions. This means that, in the regions through which the Camino passes, the following rules will apply:

  • Navarra: regional lockdown. Travellers cannot enter or exit the region without cause.
  • La Rioja: regional lockdown.
  • Castilla y León: regional lockdown.
  • Galicia: regional lockdown, plus travelling restrictions among municipalities.
  • Asturias: regional lockdown, plus travelling restrictions among municipalities.
  • Portugal: border controls with Spain.

Given this situation, we ask those pilgrims who wish to walk the Camino during Easter and need luggage transfer or people transfer services to write us at, so that we can study their situation and give them if possible a customised solution.

We hope that these measures, along with the ongoing vaccination campaign, are the final push needed so that we can all see each other on the Camino again starting from this summer. We remind you that our website is still open and accepting reservations from April 10th on, and that all our reservations have free date changes.