Inocencio Bocanegra Radio Broadcasting Museum

When one thinks of all the historical sights that can be visited along the Camino de Santiago, what comes to mind are usually churches, cathedrals, abbeys… It’s quite less common to think, for example, about a soviet spacesuit from the 1960s:



Or a reconstruction of a british trench from World War I…


And yet, both things can be found by the pilgrim along the Camino, in the town of Belorado (Burgos), in the Inocencio Bocanegra Radio Broadcasting Museum.

The museum, created by the eponymous industrialist, hosts his personal collection of radio equipment: from the 1920s crystal radios, to military units used in all the conflicts of the XX century (german, american, soviet radios…)



In addition, and given the relationship of the collection with the military world, the museum also contains several mementos from that field, like a M-60 Patton tank, or a detailed reconstruction of a british trench during World War I, the biggest such in Europe.



The museum is installed in Belorado’s old grain silo, which has been restored, keeping all the machinery that it contained when it was in use.

In order to visit the museum, you have to make a previous appointment in the Belorado Tourism Office.